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Practical Solutions For Real-Life Concerns:

• Will it always be this hard, should I quit?

• How can I get myself up when I’m down?

• I’m always stressed out, how can I plan my time better?

• How can I be more productive and effective in the time I have?

• When I think of my past, why do I always feel like such a failure?

• I work so hard all the time, why am I not further ahead in my life?

• Academically I’m qualified, but why is it that I never get the job I want?

• Are the struggles in my life a sign that I should give up and do something else?

• How can I help my children be more confident when I myself lack confidence?

• I’m always worrying about something, it’s killing me! How can I change my thoughts?

• I’m always so afraid to speak out or do what I really want to do. How can I develop more confidence?

• I’m such a procrastinator, how can I develop the drive and the determination to be able to do what I need to do?

• Do I really have to sacrifice everything that is important to me in all the other areas of my life, in order to be significantly successful in one area?

• I work hard on my studies, so why are my grades not higher?

• What’s the real advantage of achieving a college/university degree?